Hello, I'm Adriane.


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I mix logic with creativity.

I’m a full-stack web developer driven to create functional, elegant applications, continually keeping the end user in mind. I've always had an affinity for computers, learning, and problem solving. I was drawn to programming because it is a wonderful combination of all three. I find it exciting to be able to create a useful, beneficial product from a spark of an idea and a block of code.

I'm a bit of a beer geek who loves live music, and I also play a mean game of skee-ball.

I created the projects in my portfolio using JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, AngularJS, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Phaser, among many other technologies.


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Assigns Seattle-area restaurants a letter grade based on food safety inspections

MEAN stack, bootstrap, Food Establishment Inspection Data API
github   online

Tokidoki: theGame

2-player memory game

Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, sweetAlert
github   online


Search for beers and add them to your favorites list

Javascript, jQuery, Node, Express, SQL, Bootstrap, BreweryDB
github   online

Space Kittens

A simple, silly, space shmup. Arrow keys to move, space bar to shoot.

Node, Express, Phaser
github   online


Assists Seattle's homeless and low-income community with finding shelter and hot meals nearby

Ruby on Rails, bootstrap, Nokogiri (data scraping), in-house geolocation formula


Prioritize Travel

Created in 32 hours as part of the Expedia Hackathon, this app simplifies saving for travel

MEAN stack, bootstrap, mailers, multiple Expedia APIs


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